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Sophmore Housing Brochure and Postcard



Senior Exhibition Booklet

As part of my senior project, I designed the exhibition booklet that was to be distributed to students and staff to highlight the work of our 2021 seniors. Aside from designing the layout using InDesign, I worked with my peers to collect their bios and photos. I also worked with them to determine which pieces they wanted highlighted, and edited each student’s spread according to feedback I received from them. In addition, I collaborated with the printing studio at UNCW to decide which printing choices would be most successful for the project. Seen below are sample spreads from the book.

Youtube Thumbnails

T-Shirt Design

I was selected to create a design for the department of biology and marine biology’s 2021 t-shirt. I communicated with students and faculty to learn more about the program, and what research is unique to the university. For example, UNCW travels to do research on adelie penguins, so I featured one in the design. Additionally, I designed a sticker that the department can sell as well.

I was tasked with making a design for Safetoberfest T-Shirts. After discussing some design ideas from the student board, I was able to translate their ideas into a cohesive and fun design.