Animated Shorts

A New World

This 2-D animated short was made in Photoshop and After Effects. Creating a strong sense of mood and color harmony were some of my main goals. I used an image sequence method for many parts of the animation, which means I would illustrate frames individually, and play them together to make a moving image. I often used rotoscoping to help me with this. Also featured is original music, and narration of a poem written for this film. This is the most complex video work I have made, so I hope you enjoy!

Storms Pass

While making this animation, I was beginning to be really inspired by lo-fi music and the associated “aesthetics” of it, so I decided to utilize those themes to emulate the same atmosphere in video form. The models were created using Autodesk Maya and the video was put together using Adobe After Effects.

This was my first experimentation with stop-motion animation and I may have just fallen in love! I look forward to exploring the medium further.



Katchup With You

The purpose of this project was to create an animation with an emphasis on music, creating movements that reflected and complimented the rhythm and pace of the song. This was some of my first work with video editing and sound mixing, and now I am very excited to develop those skills further.


Grow Your Own Veggies!

This 2D animation was created in After Effects using my digitally drawn illustrations. After doing some stop motion animation with paper cut outs, I was excited to try it out with digital drawings too, and this was the result!