About Me

Hello! I’m Rilee Knott, an artist and designer working in Wilmington, North Carolina. I am one year away from graduating from UNCW with a double major in Digital Arts and Studio Arts. My specialties include graphic design, digital illustration, serigraphy, and oil painting; however there is nothing I love more than experimentation with new mediums! When I’m not creating, I enjoy watching horror movies, playing video games, or getting bubble tea! You can check out my resume below, and if you would like to contact me you can use the contact form or find me on Linkdin!

Group Exhibitions

2020 – “Issue 85.” Atlantis Magazine

2020 – “Issue 84.” Atlantis Magazine cover page, https://www.atlantismagazine.org/

2020 – Digital Exhibition, “Art in the Age of Social Distancing”

2020 – Cultural Arts Building Gallery, “Zine Exhibition”

2020 – Ann Flack Bosemann Gallery, “All Student Show”

2019 – Wilma Daniels Gallery, “No Boundaries Art Colony Exhibition”

2019 – Sundial Gallery, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”

2018 – Ann Flack Bosemann Gallery, “Visions in Three Dimensions”

2017 – Ann Flack Bosemann Gallery, “All Student Show”

Recognition and Awards

2020 – Vice Chancellor’s Award, “All Student Show”

2020 – Purchase Award, “All Student Show”

2020 – Honorable Mention, “All Student Show”

2019 – Second place prize recipient, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”