About Me

Hello! I’m Rilee Knott, an artist and designer working in the Raleigh area of North Carolina. I am a recent graduate of UNCW with a double major in Digital Arts and Studio Arts. My specialties include graphic design, digital illustration, photography, serigraphy, and oil painting; however there is nothing I love more than experimentation with new mediums! When I’m not creating, I enjoy watching horror movies, thrift shopping, or getting bubble tea. I’m looking forward to starting my professional career in design!

Group Exhibitions

2021 – “Issue 86.” Atlantis Magazine cover page

2021 – Digital Exhibition, “What Brings Us Together”

2020 – “Issue 85.” Atlantis Magazine

2020 – “Issue 84.” Atlantis Magazine cover page, https://www.atlantismagazine.org/

2020 – Digital Exhibition, “Art in the Age of Social Distancing”

2020 – Cultural Arts Building Gallery, “Zine Exhibition”

2020 – Ann Flack Bosemann Gallery, “All Student Show”

2019 – Wilma Daniels Gallery, “No Boundaries Art Colony Exhibition”

2019 – Sundial Gallery, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”

2018 – Ann Flack Bosemann Gallery, “Visions in Three Dimensions”

2017 – Ann Flack Bosemann Gallery, “All Student Show”

Recognition and Awards

2021 – Linda Moore Award

2021 – Distinguished Engagement Award

2021 – Excellence in Film Award, “What Brings Us Together: A Virtual Exhibit”

2020 – Vice Chancellor’s Award, “All Student Show”

2020 – Purchase Award, “All Student Show”

2020 – Honorable Mention, “All Student Show”

2019 – Second place prize recipient, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”